Synonyms and Antonyms of forbearance

  1. 1 the capacity to endure what is difficult or disagreeable without complaining we thank you for your forbearance while we attend to the technical difficulties interrupting the TV program Synonyms patience, long-suffering, sufferance, toleranceRelated Words acquiescence, resignation; passiveness, passivity; amenability, compliance, conformism, docility, obedience, subordination, tractability, willingness; discipline, self-control; submission, submissivenessNear Antonyms defiance; contrariness, disobedience, insubordination, intractability, recalcitrance, resistance, willfulnessAntonyms impatience

  2. 2 kind, gentle, or compassionate treatment especially towards someone who is undeserving of it the judge showed forbearance, and gave the teenaged first offender a suspended sentence Synonyms charity, clemency, mercy, lenience, leniency, lenity, mercifulness, quarterRelated Words humanitarianism, philanthropy; empathy, pity, sympathy, understanding; commiseration, favor, grace; benevolence, care, compassion, gentleness, goodness, goodwill, humaneness, kindliness, kindness, meekness, mildness, niceness, softness, tenderness; altruism, generosity, magnanimity, nobility; affection, devotion, love, worshipNear Antonyms hard-heartedness, mercilessness, pitilessness, ruthlessness, uncharitableness; reprisal, requital, retaliation, retribution, revenge, vengeance; venom, vindictiveness, virulence, vitriol; atrocity, barbarity, brutality, cruelty, sadism, savageness, savagery, truculence, viciousness, violence, wantonness; castigation, chastisement, discipline, punishment, scolding; abhorrence, abomination, detestation, execration, hate, hatred, loathing; cattiness, malevolence, malice, maliciousness, malignancy, malignity, meanness, nastiness, spite, spitefulness, spleen; animosity, antagonism, antipathy, bitterness, enmity, gall, grudge, hostility, jealousy, pique, resentment; bile, jaundice, rancor; hatefulness, invidiousness; coarseness, hardness, harshness, roughness

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