Synonyms and Antonyms of amenability

  1. 1 a desire or disposition to please our circle of friends tends to take advantage of Will's amenability, usually not even bothering to ask him what he wants to do Synonyms complaisance, amiability, good-naturednessRelated Words affability, amicability, amicableness, congeniality, cordiality, friendliness, geniality, sociability; agreeableness, graciousness, pleasantness; kindheartedness, kindliness, warmheartedness; acquiescence, compliance, docility, passivity, submissivenessNear Antonyms disagreeableness, sullenness, surliness, ungraciousness; disobedience, intractability, recalcitrance

  2. 2 cheerful readiness to do something our cat Figaro hasn't shown much amenability to going outside now that the weather's cold Synonyms alacrity, gameness, goodwill, obligingness, willingnessRelated Words celerity, quickness, rapidity, speed, speediness, swiftness; dispatch, promptitude, promptness; ardor, avidity, eagerness, enthusiasm, exuberance, fervor, gusto, keenness, relish, zeal, zest; agreeableness, geniality, good-naturedness, heartiness, warmth; open-mindedness, receptiveness, receptivity, responsivenessNear Antonyms leisureliness, pokiness, slowness, sluggishness; apathy, disinterestedness, halfheartedness, indifference, lukewarmness, perfunctoriness; delay, dilatoriness, doubt, equivocation, hesitance, hesitancy, hesitation, reluctance, reservation, reticence, uncertainty, vacillation; disinclination, indisposition, recalcitrance, resistance, unwillingness; antipathy, averseness, aversion

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