Synonyms and Antonyms of compatriot

  1. 1 a person living in or originally from the same country as another <an appeal to all of his compatriots to come to their country's aid in its hour of need> Synonyms countryman, landsman Related Words countrywoman; nationalist, patriot; citizen, national, subject; aborigine, native;, resident Near Antonyms alien, foreigner, immigrant, outsider

  2. 2 a person frequently seen in the company of another <doesn't indulge in the lavish lifestyle of his compatriots in the movie business> Synonyms cohort, companion, associate, compeer, comrade, crony, fellow, hobnobber, mate, running mateRelated Words colleague, coworker, equal, peer, workmate; accomplice, affiliate, ally, collaborator, confederate, half, partner; buddy, chum, confidant, familiar, friend, hearty, intimate, pal; countryman; classmate, housemate, messmate, playfellow, playmate, roommate, schoolmate, shipmate, teammate; attendant, escort; hanger-on, leech, parasite

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