close in


Synonyms and Antonyms of close in

  1. 1 to come near or nearer the eagle closed in on its prey Synonyms belly up, close, approach, come up, draw on, near, nighRelated Words arrive, attain, come, gain, hit, land, make, reach, show up, turn up, waltz up; creep up, sneak up; adjoin, border, touch, vergeNear Antonyms clear out, depart, exit, go, leave, light out, pull out, quit, remove, run away, shove (off), take off, walk outAntonyms back (up or away), recede, retire, retreat, withdraw

  2. 2 to grow dark with evening closing in we knew we had to find shelter fairly soon Synonyms blacken, black out, darken, duskRelated Words dim, fade, wane; gloom, lower (also lour)Near Antonyms dawn; beam, glow, radiate, shineAntonyms brighten, light, lighten

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