Synonyms and Antonyms of verge

  1. 1 an interval of time just before the onset of something the suspect was on the verge of confessing when the officers realized that he hadn't been read his rights Synonyms brink, cusp, edge, threshold, pointRelated Words nick

  2. 2 the line or relatively narrow space that marks the outer limit of something the southern verge of the national park Synonyms borderline, bound, boundary, brim, circumference, compass, confines, edge, edging, end, frame, fringe, hem, margin, perimeter, periphery, rim, skirt, skirting, borderRelated Words ambit; brink, crest, curb, cusp, lip; ceiling, maximum; demarcation, extent, limitation, measure, mere, restriction, termination; borderland, frontier, march, outskirts, pale, selvage; lap; shoreNear Antonyms center, core, heart; inner, inside, interior, middle, within

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