Synonyms and Antonyms of boundary

  1. 1 a real or imaginary point beyond which a person or thing cannot go <parents have to set boundaries for their children, and the children want them to> Synonyms bound, limit, cap, ceiling, confines, end, extent, limitation, line, terminationRelated Words extremity, fag end, terminus; border, brim, edge, margin, rim, verge; outside; bar, barrier, fence, hedge, restraint, stop, wall

  2. 2 the line or relatively narrow space that marks the outer limit of something <that chalk line marks the boundary of our playing field> Synonyms borderline, bound, border, brim, circumference, compass, confines, edge, edging, end, frame, fringe, hem, margin, perimeter, periphery, rim, skirt, skirting, vergeRelated Words ambit; brink, crest, curb, cusp, lip; ceiling, maximum; demarcation, extent, limitation, measure, mere, restriction, termination; borderland, frontier, march, outskirts, pale, selvage; lap; shoreNear Antonyms center, core, heart; inner, inside, interior, middle, within

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