Synonyms and Antonyms of built–in

  1. being a part of the innermost nature of a person or thing a poker player with a seemingly built-in ability to read his opponents' faces Synonyms built-in, constitutional, constitutive, essential, hardwired, immanent, inborn, inbred, indigenous, ingrain, ingrained (also engrained), innate, integral, intrinsic, native, naturalRelated Words basic, deep-rooted, elemental, fundamental; congenital, hereditary, inherited, inmost, inner, interior; internal; characteristic, distinctive, peculiar; habitual, inveterate; normal, regular, typicalNear Antonyms alien, foreign; accidental, coincidental, incidental; acquired, adscititious; superficial, surface; exterior, externalAntonyms adventitious, extraneous, extrinsic

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