appeal to


Synonyms and Antonyms of appeal to

  1. to make a request to (someone) in an earnest or urgent manner when supplies at the food bank ran desperately low, officials appealed to the public for some much-needed replacements Synonyms beg (to), beseech, besiege, conjure, entreat, impetrate, implore, importune, petition, plead (to), pray, solicit, supplicateRelated Words bludge [chiefly Australian & New Zealand], cadge, mooch, sponge; ask, desire, invoke, request, sue; claim, coerce, command, compel, demand, force, insist, requireNear Antonyms hint, imply, intimate, suggest; appease, conciliate, gratify, mollify, oblige, pacify, placate, please, satisfy; comfort, console, content, quiet

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