Synonyms and Antonyms of ahead

  1. 1 so as to precede something in order of time call ahead for reservations Synonyms afore [chiefly dialect], already, antecedently, anteriorly, before, beforehand, earlier, formerly, preliminarily, previously Related Words a priori, early, prematurely; first, first off, now; before long, erelong [archaic], presently, shortly, soon Phrases in advance Near Antonyms behind, by and by, next, subsequently Antonyms after, afterward (or afterwards), later

  2. 2 toward a point ahead in space or time sent me ahead to get a place in the check-out line while she went to get the eggs and milk Synonyms onward, forth, forward, onNear Antonyms backward (or backwards)

  3. 3 toward or at a point lying in advance in space or time the line moved ahead at a snail's pace Synonyms along, forth, forward, forwards, on, onward (also onwards)Related Words before, fore, frontward (or frontwards)Near Antonyms back, backward (or backwards), behind, rearward (also rearwards)

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