rack up


Synonyms and Antonyms of rack up

  1. 1 to gain (as points or runs in a game) as credit towards one's total number of points having racked up a huge number of points in the short program, the figure skater would have to have a disastrous long program in order to miss out on a medal Synonyms score, tallyRelated Words triumph, win; best, defeatNear Antonyms lose

  2. 2 to obtain (as a goal) through effort racked up their second consecutive Super Bowl victory Synonyms attain, bag, chalk up, clock (up) [chiefly British], gain, hit, log, make, notch (up), achieve, ring up, score, winRelated Words acquire, capture, carry, draw, garner, get, land, make, obtain, procure, realize, secure; amount (to), approach, equal, match, measure up (to), meet, rival, tie, touch; beat, excel, outdo, surpass, topNear Antonyms fall short (of), miss; fail (at); lose

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