Synonyms and Antonyms of pushover

  1. 1 a person without strength of character <pushovers who are afraid to discipline their little spoiled brat> Synonyms doormat, jellyfish, namby-pamby, weakling, reed, wimpRelated Words coward, milquetoast, mouse, nebbish, nervous Nellie (or nervous Nelly), pussy [slang], wuss (also wussy); sheepNear Antonyms menschAntonyms stalwart

  2. 2 one who is easily deceived or cheated <scam artists mistakenly thinking that these farm families would be pushovers> Synonyms chump, gull, mug [chiefly British], patsy, pigeon, {h,1}dupe, sap, soft touch, sucker, toolRelated Words cat's-paw, mark, target, victim; schlemiel (also shlemiel); butt, derision, laughingstock, mock, mockery; booby, dodo, fool, goose, half-wit, jackass, lunatic, monkey, nincompoop, ninny, nitwit, simp, simpleton, turkey, yo-yo; loser; blockhead, cretin, dolt, dope, dumbbell, dummy, dunce, idiot, imbecile, moron, schlub (also shlub) [slang], schlump [slang], schnook [slang]Near Antonyms cheat, cheater, confidence man, cozener, defrauder, dodger, hoaxer, shark, sharper, slicker, swindler, trickster

  3. 3 something that is easy to do <though the mountain is not especially high, the climb is very arduous and is definitely not a pushover> Synonyms breeze, cake, cakewalk, child's play, cream puff, duck soup, kid stuff, picnic, cinch, roses, snapRelated Words no-brainer, nothing; sitting duck; gimme, laugher, walkawayNear Antonyms brainteaser, poser, stumper, toughie (also toughy); bother, nuisance, troubleAntonyms bear, beast, chore, headache, horror show, killer, labor, murder, pain, sticky wicket, stinker [slang]

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