Synonyms and Antonyms of slicker

  1. 1 a coat made of water-resistant material he put on his slicker and boots and headed out into the rain Synonyms mac (or mack) [British], mackintosh (also macintosh) [chiefly British], oilskin, raincoat, waterproof [chiefly British]Related Words rain gear, rainwear; poncho, sou'wester, trench, trench coat

  2. 2 a person with the outlook, experience, and manners thought to be typical of big city dwellers dressed in their designer duds, the out-of-state slickers stood out amongst the locals at the harvest supper Synonyms city slicker, cosmopolite, metropolitan, cosmopolitan, sophisticateRelated Words urbanite; worldlingAntonyms bumpkin, hick, provincial, rustic, yokel

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a trip made at another's expense

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