Synonyms and Antonyms of hardly

  1. 1 in a manner so as to cause loss or suffering the new judge vowed to deal hardly with repeat offenders Synonyms of hardly brutally, hard, harshly, ill, oppressively, roughly, severely, sternly, stiffly Words Related to hardly callously, cold-bloodedly, hard-heartedly, heartlessly, inhumanely, inhumanly, insensately, insensitively, mercilessly, obdurately, pitilessly, ruthlessly, tyrannically, uncharitably, unfeelingly, unmercifully, unsparingly; abusively, brutishly, savagely, viciously; aggressively, assertively, decidedly, determinedly, firmly, grimly, gruffly, resolutely, strongly, toughly Near Antonyms of hardly benevolently, benignantly, considerately, cordially, graciously, kindly, lovingly, tenderly; charitably, compassionately, humanely, mercifully, softheartedly, sympathetically, tolerantly, understandingly Antonyms of hardly clemently, gently, leniently, lightly, mildly, softly

  2. 2 certainly not I would hardly think someone with her attitude could make a good manager Synonyms of hardly ill, no, none, no way, scarcely Words Related to hardly near, never, nothing, nowhere, nowise Phrases by no means, nothing doing, on no account Near Antonyms of hardly awful, awfully, enormously, exceedingly (also exceeding), extremely, greatly, highly, hugely, immensely, mightily, mighty, most, quite, terribly, very; assuredly, clearly, hands down, perfectly, plainly, really, truly, unequivocally, unquestionably, utterly; doubtless, more or less, mostly, rather, slightly, somewhat Antonyms of hardly absolutely, certainly, completely, definitely, positively, surely

  3. 3 by a very small margin we were hardly able to make it back to camp before darkness set in Synonyms of hardly barely, just, marginally, narrowly, scarcely, slightlyWords Related to hardly minimally, minutely, scantly; almost, approximately, closely, more or less, nearly, partly, plus or minus, roughly, somewhatNear Antonyms of hardly definitely, easily, plainly, positively, quite, unquestionably; abundantly, completely, copiously, fully, generously, greatlyAntonyms of hardly considerably, significantly, substantially, vastly, well

  4. 4 with feelings of bitterness or grief his broker did not think that he would take his financial losses so hardly Synonyms of hardly agonizingly, bitterly, dolefully, dolorously, grievously, hard, inconsolably, lugubriously, mournfully, painfully, plaintively, regretfully, resentfully, ruefully, sadly, sorely, sorrowfully, unhappily, wailfully, woefully, wretchedlyWords Related to hardly abjectly, cheerlessly, crestfallenly, dejectedly, despairingly, despondently, disconsolately, dispiritedly, downheartedly, low-spiritedly; blackly, darkly, dismally, distressfully, distressingly, dourly, drearily, forlornly, gloomily, glumly, joylessly, mirthlessly, miserably, morosely, pessimistically, somberly, sullenly; acutely, harshly, keenly, piercingly, poignantly, severely, sharply; cruelly, hurtfully, ill, rancorouslyNear Antonyms of hardly cheerfully, cheerily, delightedly, gaily (also gayly), gleefully, good-naturedly, lightheartedly, merrily, mirthfully, rejoicingly, sunnily; blithely, blithesomely, calmly, casually, dispassionately, easily, impassively, indifferently, lightly, nonchalantly, stoically, unconcernedly; favorably, wellAntonyms of hardly blissfully, gladly, happily, joyfully, joyously

  5. 5 with great effort or determination the state championship was a hardly fought contest between two evenly matched teams Synonyms of hardly amain, arduously, assiduously, determinedly, diligently, doggedly, hard, industriously, intensely, intensively, intently, laboriously, mightily, purposefully, resolutely, sedulously, slavishly, strenuouslyWords Related to hardly actively, animatedly, briskly, busily, dynamically, energetically, feverishly, spiritedly, vehemently, vigorously, zealously; continuously, ploddingly, steadfastly, steadily, unabatedly, unrelentingly, unremittingly; ardently, attentively, conscientiously, earnestly, exhaustively, meticulously, painstakingly, seriously, thoroughly; indefatigably, tirelessly, unflaggingly, untiringly, wearilessly; obstinately, stubbornly, willfullyNear Antonyms of hardly casually, desultorily, halfheartedly, indolently, lackadaisically, languidly, lazily, listlessly, shiftlessly, sluggishly, spiritlessly, tiredly, wearily

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