Synonyms and Antonyms of greatly

  1. 1 in a manner befitting a person of the highest character and ideals as commander of the Union army's first black regiment, Robert Gould Shaw died as greatly as he had lived Synonyms gallantly, grandly, greatheartedly, heroically, high-mindedly, honorably, magnanimously, nobly Related Words loftily, venerably; magnificently, majestically; bravely, chivalrously, courageously, valiantly Near Antonyms abominably, contemptibly, despicably, detestably, hatefully, nastily, pitiably, sorrily, wretchedly; degenerately Antonyms basely, currishly, dishonorably, ignobly

  2. 2 to a large extent or degree authorities have greatly increased the scope of their investigation of corruption in the mayor's office Synonyms astronomically, big-time, broadly, colossally, considerably, enormously, extensively, highly, hugely, largely, massively, monstrously, monumentally, much, sizably, staggeringly, stupendously, tremendously, utterly, vastly Related Words appreciably, noticeably, significantly; abundantly, amply, copiously, healthily, plentifully Phrases a lot, by half, no end Near Antonyms modestly; fractionally; imperceptibly, infinitesimally, insignificantly, invisibly, microscopically, minutely; barely, hardly, just, minimally, scarcely Antonyms little, negligibly, nominally, slightly

  3. 3 to a great degree I'm not greatly bothered by this setback Synonyms achingly, almighty, archly, awful, awfully, badly, beastly, blisteringly, bone, colossally, corking, cracking, damn, damned, dang, deadly, desperately, eminently, enormously, especially, ever, exceedingly (also exceeding), extra, extremely, fabulously, fantastically, far, fiercely, filthy, frightfully, full, very, heavily, highly, hugely, immensely, incredibly, intensely, jolly, majorly, mightily, mighty, monstrous [chiefly dialect], mortally, most, much, particularly, passing, rattling, real, really, right, roaring, roaringly, seriously, severely, so, sore, sorely, spanking, specially, stinking, such, super, supremely, surpassingly, terribly, that, thumping, too, unco, uncommonly, vastly, vitally, way, whacking, wicked, wildlyRelated Words absolutely, altogether, completely, downright, entirely, flat-out, fully, positively, purely, radically, thoroughly, totally, utterly, wholly; deeply, profoundly; exceptionally, notably, remarkably; considerably, extensively, significantly, substantially; appreciably, discernibly, markedly, noticeably, obviously, palpably, plainly, visibly; abundantly, plentifully; astronomically, grandly, monstrously, monumentally; excessively, obscenely, overmuch; amazingly, astonishingly, staggeringlyNear Antonyms meagerly, scantily; barely, hardly, just, marginally, minimally, scarcelyAntonyms little, negligibly, nominally, slightly, somewhat

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contemplative of or relative to the past

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