Synonyms and Antonyms of bravely

  1. 1 in a fearless manner confronted the fact that he had inoperable cancer calmly and bravely Synonyms boldly, courageously, dauntlessly, doughtily, fearlessly, gallantly, gutsily, heroically, intrepidly, manfully, stalwartly, stoutheartedly, valiantly, valorously Related Words determinedly, firmly, gamely, grittily, pluckily, resolutely; spiritedly, spunkily, stoutly; adventurously, audaciously, daringly, hardily, venturesomely, venturously; self-confidently; crazily, foolishly, insanely; brashly, brazenly, foolhardily, heedlessly, hotheadedly, impetuously, imprudently, impulsively, incautiously, overconfidently, rashly, recklessly, thoughtlessly, wildly; hastily, precipitately Near Antonyms diffidently, mousily, shyly, skittishly, timidly; anxiously, apprehensively, nervously; carefully, cautiously, heedfully, prudently Antonyms cowardly, cravenly, fearfully, pusillanimously, spinelessly, spiritlessly, timorously

  2. 2 in a manner that is colorful and tends to arouse gaiety bravely decked houses in celebration of Independence Day Synonyms gaily, brightly, brilliantly, colorfullyRelated Words flamboyantly, flashily, garishly, gaudily, loud, loudly, ostentatiously; fancily, ornately, swankily; gorgeously, richly, spectacularly, splendidly, strikingly; dapperly, dashingly, gallantly, jazzily, nattily, neatly, pertly, smartly, snappily, spiffily; conspicuously, luridly, shockinglyNear Antonyms colorlessly, inconspicuously, unobtrusively, unpretentiously; chastely, demurely, modestly; conservatively, plainly, quietly, simply; bleakly, severely, somberlyAntonyms boringly, drably, dully

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