Synonyms and Antonyms of snappily

  1. 1 with great speed she snappily completed the job application and handed it to the receptionist Synonyms apace, briskly, chop-chop, double-quick, fleetly, full tilt, hastily, hell-for-leather, hot, lickety-split, posthaste, presto, pronto, quick, quickly, rapidly, fast, soon, speedily, swift, swiftlyRelated Words immediately, promptly, readily; impetuously, impulsively, rashly, recklessly; abruptly, suddenly; energetically, vigorouslyNear Antonyms laggardly, lingeringly, ploddingly, sluggishly; deliberately, leisurely; belatedly, delinquently, tardilyAntonyms slow, slowly

  2. 2 in a strikingly neat and trim manner the snappily attired male dancers wore top hats and tails Synonyms dashingly, nattily, sharply, smartly, sprucelyRelated Words neatly, orderly, tidily, trimly; elegantly, fashionably, modishly, stylishly, swankily; carefully, fastidiously, fussily, meticulously; cleanly, immaculately, pristinely, spotlesslyNear Antonyms dowdily, inelegantly; slatternly; messily, mussily, untidily; scruffily, shabbily, sleazily; dingily, dirtily, filthily, foully, grubbily, nastilyAntonyms sloppily, slovenly

  3. 3 in a quick and spirited manner sang out the square dance calls snappily Synonyms airily, animatedly, animately, bouncily, buoyantly, high-spiritedly, livelily, lively, perkily, pertly, gaily, sparkily, spiritedly, sprightly, trippingly, vivaciouslyRelated Words friskily, gamesomely, playfully, skittishly, sportively; briskly, crisply, effervescently, energetically, jazzily, racily, springily; breezily, cockishly, dapperly, dashingly, jauntily; agilely, nimbly, spryly; allegroNear Antonyms halfheartedly, idly, indolently, lazily, lethargically, slothfully; heavily, inactively, listlessly, tiredly, wearilyAntonyms dully, inanimately, sluggishly, tardily

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