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  1. 1 after the due, usual, or proper time she submitted her scholarship application tardily, so she was not considered Synonyms belatedly, delinquently, lateRelated Words afterward (or afterwards), anon, eventually, later, latterly, subsequently, thereafter; dilatorily, laggardly, pokily, slow, slowly, sluggishlyNear Antonyms immediately, promptly, punctually; pronto, quickly, rapidly, snappily, speedily, swiftlyAntonyms beforehand, early, inopportunely, precociously, prematurely, unseasonably

  2. 2 at a pace that is less than usual, desirable, or expected the money that I had lent him for the CDs came tardily and only after I told him that if he didn't repay me, I was taking the CDs back Synonyms laggardly, leisurely, pokily, slowly, sluggishly, slowRelated Words carefully, cautiously, deliberately, purposefully; heavily, ploddinglyNear Antonyms immediately, posthaste, presto, promptly, pronto, readily, soon; impetuously, impulsively, rashly, recklessly; abruptly, suddenlyAntonyms apace, briskly, fast, fleetly, full tilt, hastily, meteorically, quick, quickly, rapidly, snappily, speedily, swift, swiftly

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