Synonyms and Antonyms of purely

  1. 1 with purity of thought and deed the devout girl vowed to live her life purely and in the service of God Synonyms chastely, innocently, modestly, morally, righteously, virtuously Related Words decently, decorously, properly; priggishly, primly, prudishly Near Antonyms indecently, obscenely, vulgarly; lasciviously, lewdly, lustfully Antonyms evilly, immorally, impurely, sinfully, wickedly

  2. 2 for nothing other than I fish purely for the fun of it—I don't care if I end up with no fish to fry Synonyms alone, exclusively, just, only, solely, simplyRelated Words basically, by and large, chiefly, generally, largely, mainly, mostly, predominantly, primarily, principally, substantiallyNear Antonyms additionally, also, besides, likewise

  3. 3 nothing more than her pleasantries were purely for show and masked her true feelings Synonyms but, merely, only, just, simply

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