Synonyms and Antonyms of primarily

  1. 1 in the beginning the university was primarily an agricultural college when it was founded over two centuries ago Synonyms firstly, initially, originallyRelated Words incipiently; primitivelyNear Antonyms finally, lastly, ultimately

  2. 2 for the most part ketchup is primarily made from tomatoes Synonyms altogether, basically, by and large, generally, largely, mainly, mostly, overall, predominantly, chiefly, principally, substantiallyRelated Words about, more or less, most, much, near, nearly, next to, nigh, practically, some, virtually, well-nigh; approximately, broadly, plus or minus, roughly; commonly, frequently, generally, normally, ordinarily, typically, usually; incompletely, partially, partly, rather, somewhatNear Antonyms completely, entirely, fully, perfectly, thoroughly, totally, wholly; barely, hardly, just, marginally, minimally, scarcely; absolutely, categorically, unqualifiedly

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