Synonyms and Antonyms of rather

  1. 1 by choice or preference <I would rather go to the movies than stay at home> Synonyms fain, first, preferably, readily, soon, willingly Related Words alternately, alternatively, either, instead; electively, optionally; desirably, gladly, wishfully; obligingly, voluntarily Near Antonyms reluctantly; forcibly, willy-nilly Antonyms involuntarily, unwillingly

  2. 2 as a substitute <don't think of the placement test as torture but rather as a chance to show off how much you know> Synonyms first, insteadRelated Words alternately, alternatively

  3. 3 to some degree or extent <I say, don't you think that's rather expensive for a hamburger?> Synonyms enough, kindly [chiefly Southern], kind of, like, moderately, more or less, pretty, quite, fairly, relatively, something, somewhat, sort ofRelated Words acceptably, decently, passably, tolerably; little, negligibly, nominally, slightly, vaguely; half, halfway, incompletely, part, partially, partly, partwayNear Antonyms awfully, beastly, deadly, especially, exceedingly (also exceeding), exceptionally, extremely, frightfully, greatly, heavily, highly, hugely, mightily, mortally, particularly, surpassingly, terribly, very; considerably, extensively, significantly, substantially

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to trick or confuse (someone)

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