Synonyms and Antonyms of truly

  1. 1 not merely this but also <he is a kind, truly generous man> Synonyms indeed, nay, even, verily, yeaRelated Words assuredly, certainly, decidedly, definitely, doubtless, incontestably, incontrovertibly, indisputably, positively, really, surely, even, undeniably, undoubtedly, unquestionably

  2. 2 to tell the truth <truly, I had no idea you were throwing me a party> Synonyms admittedly, forsooth, frankly, honestly, indeed, really, actually, truthfully, verilyRelated Words absolutely, certainly, indisputably, indubitably, positively, realistically, undoubtedly, unquestionably, veritably

  3. 3 without any question <I very much appreciate your gift—truly, I can't thank you enough!> Synonyms all right, alright, assuredly, certainly, clearly, definitely, doubtless, easily, forsooth, hands down, inarguably, incontestably, incontrovertibly, indisputably, plainly, really, so, sure, surely, indeed, unarguably, undeniably, undoubtedly, unquestionablyRelated Words conceivably, likely, perhaps, possibly, probably; obviously, unmistakably

  4. 4 in actual fact <this is truly the nicest thing anyone has done for me> Synonyms actually, authentically, certifiably, genuinely, really, very, veritablyRelated Words accurately, exactly, just, precisely, right, sharp, smack-dab, squarely; almost, nearly, practically, virtually; literally, positively, simplyNear Antonyms apparently, ostensibly, outwardly, plausibly, seeminglyAntonyms professedly, supposedly

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