Synonyms and Antonyms of commandeer

  1. 1 to take control of (a vehicle) by force <an airliner commandeered by terrorists> Synonyms hijack (also highjack) Related Words carjack, skyjack; appropriate, confiscate, expropriate, seize

  2. 2 to take or make use of under a guise of authority but without actual right <commandeered all of the equipment, as if the chem lab belonged solely to him> Synonyms arrogate, appropriate, convert, expropriate, pirate, preempt, press, seize, take over, usurpRelated Words annex, attach, claim, confiscate, impound, repossess, sequester; assume, collar, grab, grasp, snatch, steal, wrench, wrest; despoil, loot, pillage; encroach, infringe, invade, occupy, preoccupy, trespass; embezzle, misapply, misappropriate, misuse, peculate

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