Synonyms and Antonyms of sequester

  1. 1 to set or keep apart from others sequestered the woman until she was no longer contagious Synonyms cut off, insulate, seclude, segregate, separate, isolateRelated Words quarantine; confine, immure, incarcerate, intern, jail, lock (up), restrain, restrict; abstract, detach, disengage, remove; detain, hold, keepNear Antonyms assimilate, associate, connect, join, link, unite; discharge, free, liberate, loose, releaseAntonyms desegregate, integrate, reintegrate

  2. 2 to take ownership or control of (something) by right of one's authority police found and sequestered several illegal weapons Synonyms attach, expropriate, confiscateRelated Words garnishee; appropriate, arrogate, preempt, usurp; commandeer, seize, take overNear Antonyms cede, deliver, forfeit, give up, hand over, release, relinquish, render, surrender, turn over, yield

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