chime in


Synonyms and Antonyms of chime in

  1. 1 to cause a disruption in a conversation or discussion “I don't like that show at all,” my friend chimed in Synonyms break in, interrupt, chip in [chiefly British], cut in, interpose, intrudeRelated Words barge (in), bother, horn in; add, contribute, put in

  2. 2 to form a pleasing relationship unfortunately, his views on child rearing don't chime in with those of his new wife, who has two children from a previous marriage Synonyms agree, assort, blend, chime, harmonize, conform, consort, coordinate, grooveRelated Words balance, correlate, correspond, dovetail, hang together, match; meet, parallel; bond, coalesce, cohere, conjoin, fuse, merge, square, tallyNear Antonyms contradict, contrast, counter, differ, diverge, jar; cancel (out), counteract, negate, offsetAntonyms clash, collide, conflict

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