Synonyms and Antonyms of apprentice

  1. 1 a person who helps a more skilled person decided to be an apprentice to an electrician after he graduated Synonyms adjunct, adjutant, aid, aide, helper, assistant, coadjutor, deputy, helpmate, helpmeet, lieutenant, mate, sidekickRelated Words attendant, handmaiden (also handmaid), maid, maidservant, scullion, servant; auxiliary, legman, subordinate, underling; employee (also employe), hand, help, hireling, laborer, swamper, worker; gal Friday, girl Friday; man Friday, right hand; aide-de-camp

  2. 2 a person who is just starting out in a field of activity aware that she's only an apprentice in the medical field, she readily defers to her more experienced colleagues Synonyms abecedarian, beginner, babe, colt, cub, fledgling, freshman, greenhorn, neophyte, newbie, newcomer, novice, novitiate, punk, recruit, rook, rookie, tenderfoot, tyro, virginRelated Words boot; amateur, dabbler, dilettante; learner, student, trainee; candidate, entrant, probationerNear Antonyms expert, master, pro, professionalAntonyms old hand, old-timer, vet, veteran

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