Synonyms and Antonyms of sunken

  1. 1 curved inward <our convalescing guest's sunken cheeks soon filled out on a diet of my mother's cooking> Synonyms concave, dented, depressed, dished, indented, recessed, hollowRelated Words alveolar, cavernous, crescentic, cuplike, cupped, cuppy, recurved; dimpled, pockmarked; compressed, condensed, contracted, diminished, reducedNear Antonyms ballooning, bloated, blown up, bulbous, distended, enlarged, expanded, extended, inflated, jutting, projecting, puffed, puffy, risen, swollen; domed, global, globular, round, rounded, sphericalAntonyms bulging, cambered, convex, protruding, protrusive, protuberant

  2. 2 living, lying, or occurring below the surface of the water <diving for sunken treasure> Synonyms aquatic, submarine, submerged, underwaterRelated Words oceanic; undersea; abysmal, abyssal, deep, deep-sea, deepwater

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