Synonyms and Antonyms of dented

  1. curved inward the dented car fender bore silent testament to an accident that no one in the family was owning up to Synonyms concave, hollow, depressed, dished, indented, recessed, sunkenRelated Words alveolar, cavernous, crescentic, cuplike, cupped, cuppy, recurved; dimpled, pockmarked; compressed, condensed, contracted, diminished, reducedNear Antonyms ballooning, bloated, blown up, bulbous, distended, enlarged, expanded, extended, inflated, jutting, projecting, puffed, puffy, risen, swollen; domed, global, globular, round, rounded, sphericalAntonyms bulging, cambered, convex, protruding, protrusive, protuberant

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