step out


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  1. 1 to be sexually unfaithful if she catches him stepping out on her, she'll divorce him without a moment's hesitation Synonyms philander, screw around, cheatRelated Words cat (around), fool around, fornicate, play (around), tomcat (around), womanize; copulate, couple, lie, make out, mate, sleep; lust

  2. 2 to stop living my greedy relatives are only being nice to me because they expect me to step out any time now Synonyms check out, conk (out), croak [slang], decease, demise, depart, drop, end, exit, expire, fall, flatline, go, kick in [slang], kick off [slang], pass (on), pass away, part, peg out [chiefly British], perish, pop off, die, succumbRelated Words predecease; consume, disappear, dry up, fade, failNear Antonyms come to, revive; linger; be, exist, subsist; flourish, prosper, thriveAntonyms breathe, live

  3. 3 to take part in social activities waited until a year after her husband's death before stepping out again Synonyms associate, fraternize, go out, hobnob, mingle, mix, socializeRelated Words carouse, party, revel; circulateNear Antonyms avoid, eschew, shun; slight, snub

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a trip made at another's expense

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