Synonyms and Antonyms of secondary

  1. 1 taken or created from something original or basic history textbooks are secondary sources for historical information and do not represent original research Synonyms derivative, secondhand Related Words unoriginal; consequent, resultant Near Antonyms fundamental, nonderivative; first, primary Antonyms basic, original

  2. 2 of little or less value or merit we need to focus on getting the groceries bought and the rent paid—everything else is secondary Synonyms mean, minor, inferior, second-class, second-rateRelated Words junior, lesser, lower, low-level, petty, smaller, subordinate, under; average, common, fair, middling, ordinary; amiss, bad, defective, unsatisfactory, wrong; deficient, inadequate, insufficient, unacceptable; littler, slighter, smaller; jerkwater, low-rent, one-horse, small-time, two-bitNear Antonyms major, more, primary, senior; choice, exceptional, first-class, first-rate, high-grade, premium, prime, select, selected; acceptable, adequate, sufficientAntonyms greater, higher, superior

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