Synonyms and Antonyms of nice–nelly

  1. given to or marked by very conservative standards regarding personal behavior or morals the novel's wildly off base portrayal of 18th-century aristocrats as nice-nelly exemplars of decorum Synonyms bluenosed, nice-nelly, prim, prudish, puritanical, VictorianRelated Words priggish, staid, stuffy; genteel, proper, refined; decent, honest, moral, right, righteous, upright, virtuousNear Antonyms liberated, permissive; bad, immoral, improper, indecent, lax, lecherous, lickerish, loose, prurient, wicked; skanky [slang], slatternly, sleazy, sluttish, slutty, trampy; debauched, degenerate, degraded, depraved, perverted

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