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  1. one who makes false claims of identity or expertise <claimed that many doctors were frauds and mountebanks> Synonyms charlatan, fake, faker, fakir, fraud, hoaxer, humbug, impostor, phony (also phoney), pretender, quack, quacksalver, ringer, shamRelated Words copycat, imitator, impersonator, mimic; actor, bluffer, counterfeiter, deceiver, dissembler, duper, feigner, misleader, operator, trickster; poseur; cozener, defrauder, dodger, fraudster [chiefly British], scammer, scamster, sharper, sharpie (or sharpy), skinner, swindlerNear Antonyms ace, adept, authority, crackerjack (also crackajack), expert, maestro, master, past master, professional, virtuoso, whiz, wizard

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