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  1. 1 a place where two or more things are united situated at the junction of several major railways, the city has long been a transportation hub Synonyms connection, coupling, join, joining, jointure, joint, junctureRelated Words link, nexus, tie; interconnection, intersection; abutment, articulation, attachment; seam, suture; concourse, confluence, meeting; unionNear Antonyms cleft, crack, crevice, fissure, gap, rift, separation

  2. 2 the act or an instance of joining two or more things into one the junction of the coalition's two military forces has not been without problems Synonyms combination, combining, connecting, connection, consolidation, coupling, union, linking, merger, merging, unificationRelated Words agglomeration, amalgamation, blend, coalescence, commingling, compounding, fusion, intermingling, intermixture, mingling, mix, mixture, synthesis; reunification, reunionNear Antonyms detachment, divorcement, separation, severanceAntonyms breakup, disconnection, dissolution, disunion, division, parting, partition, schism, scission, split

  3. 3 a place where roads meet the town finally installed a traffic light at that busy junction Synonyms carrefour, corner, crossing, crossway(s), intersection, crossroadRelated Words cloverleaf, interchange, overpass, underpass; circle, rotary, roundabout [British], traffic circle

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