noun merg·er \ˈmər-jər\

Definition of merger

  1. 1 law :  the absorption of an estate, a contract, or an interest in another, of a minor offense in a greater, or of a cause of action into a judgment

  2. 2a :  the act or process of mergingb :  absorption by a corporation of one or more others; also :  any of various methods of combining two or more organizations (as business concerns)

Examples of merger in a sentence

  1. The law firm announced its $50 million merger with one of its competitors.

  2. If the proposed merger of the two oil companies goes through, it would be bad for the economy.

Origin and Etymology of merger

merge + -er (as in waiver)

First Known Use: 1728

MERGER Defined for English Language Learners


noun merg·er \ˈmər-jər\

Definition of merger for English Language Learners

  • : the act or process of combining two or more businesses into one business

MERGER Defined for Kids


noun merg·er \ˈmər-jər\

Definition of merger for Students

  1. :  the combination of two or more businesses into one

Law Dictionary


noun merg·er \ˈmər-jər\

Legal Definition of merger

  1. 1 :  the absorption of a lesser estate or interest into a greater one held by the same person — compare confusion

  2. 2 :  the incorporation and superseding of one contract by another

  3. 3a :  the treatment (as by statute) of two offenses deriving from the same conduct such that a defendant cannot be or is not punished for both especially when one offense is incidental to or necessarily included in the other a merger of offenses in a statute a merger of convictions b :  the doctrine according to which such offenses must be merged — compare double jeopardy Editor's note: Merger commonly involves the interpretation of statutes and legislative intent in deciding whether two or more offenses deriving from the same conduct remain distinct.

  4. 4 :  a doctrine in civil litigation: a judgment in favor of a plaintiff incorporates and supersedes the cause of action and any claims based on it and requires that further litigation in the case by the defendant be concerned with the judgment itself — compare bar 3b, estoppel by judgment at estoppel 2a, res judicata

  5. 5 :  the superseding of a prior agreement in a divorce case by the divorce decree

  6. 6a :  the act or process of merging b :  absorption by one corporation of another; also :  any of various methods of combining two or more organizations (as business concerns) — compare consolidate cash merger :  a merger in which shareholders in the company to be absorbed receive cash for their shares rather than shares in the absorbing company a tender offer to be followed by a cash merger — see also cash out de facto merger :  a merger that is characterized by the issuance of stock to the corporation to be absorbed rather than an outright purchase of assets for cash, by continued participation of the shareholders, directors, and employees of the absorbed corporation, and by an assumption of liabilities by the absorbing corporation Editor's note: Shareholders in a de facto merger are considered to have the same right to an appraisal of the fair value of their shares as shareholders in a statutory merger. short–form merger :  an accelerated statutory merger between a subsidiary and a parent corporation that controls a large specified majority of shares in the subsidiary statutory merger :  a merger performed in accordance with relevant statutes that require specific procedures for the notification and approval of shareholders

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