Synonyms and Antonyms of impending

  1. 1 being soon to appear or take place an impending celebration of the 100th anniversary of the college's founding Synonyms approaching, coming, imminent, forthcoming, nearing, oncoming, pending, proximate, upcomingRelated Words future; anticipated, awaited, expected, foreseen, predictedNear Antonyms bygone, erstwhile, foregone, former, old, onetime, other, past, quondam, sometime, whilomAntonyms late, recent

  2. 2 giving signs of immediate occurrence an aura of impending doom hung over the city Synonyms imminent, looming, pending, threateningRelated Words approaching, coming, forthcoming, future, near, nearing, oncoming, upcoming; brewing, gathering; likely, possible, probable; inevitable, unavoidable; apocalyptic (also apocalyptical), lowering, menacing, ominous, portentous; anticipated, awaited, expected, foreseen, predictedNear Antonyms distant, far-off, remote; eventual, ultimate; bygone, former, past; late, recent

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