Synonyms and Antonyms of probable

  1. 1 worthy of being accepted as true or reasonable the counselor could find no probable reason for the girl's bizarre actions Synonyms credible, creditable, likely, plausible, presumptive, believableRelated Words cogent, compelling, conclusive, convincing, decisive, effective, forceful, persuasive, satisfying, strong, telling; acceptable, cogitable, conceivable, imaginable, possible, practical, reasonable; dependable, reliable, trustworthy; sophistic (or sophistical), speciousNear Antonyms absurd, doubtful, dubious, fantastic (also fantastical), flimsy, outlandish, preposterous, questionable, ridiculous; impossible, inconceivable, unimaginable, unthinkable; skeptical, suspect, suspicious, uncertain, unsure; hopeless, unworkable, uselessAntonyms far-fetched, implausible, improbable, incredible, unbelievable, unlikely, unplausible

  2. 2 having a high chance of occurring a probable outcome of the price increase will be lower consumption Synonyms likelyRelated Words conceivable, earthly, imaginable, possible, potential, supposable; apt, bound, certain, doubtless, imminent, inescapable, inevitable, liable, necessary, sure, unavoidableNear Antonyms impossible, inconceivable, unimaginableAntonyms doubtful, dubious, improbable, questionable, unlikely

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