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How is the word conclusive different from other adjectives like it?

Some common synonyms of conclusive are decisive, definitive, and determinative. While all these words mean "bringing to an end," conclusive applies to reasoning or logical proof that puts an end to debate or questioning.

conclusive evidence

When would decisive be a good substitute for conclusive?

The words decisive and conclusive can be used in similar contexts, but decisive may apply to something that ends a controversy, a contest, or any uncertainty.

a decisive battle

When could definitive be used to replace conclusive?

The meanings of definitive and conclusive largely overlap; however, definitive applies to what is put forth as final and permanent.

the definitive biography

When might determinative be a better fit than conclusive?

While in some cases nearly identical to conclusive, determinative adds an implication of giving a fixed character or direction.

the determinative factor in the court's decision

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