Synonyms and Antonyms of imminent

  1. 1 giving signs of immediate occurrence a storm is imminent, so you should seek shelter now Synonyms impending, looming, pending, threatening Related Words approaching, coming, forthcoming, future, near, nearing, oncoming, upcoming; brewing, gathering; likely, possible, probable; inevitable, unavoidable; apocalyptic (also apocalyptical), lowering, menacing, ominous, portentous; anticipated, awaited, expected, foreseen, predicted Phrases around the corner Near Antonyms distant, far-off, remote; eventual, ultimate; bygone, former, past; late, recent

  2. 2 being soon to appear or take place an imminent development that should radically transform how we treat the disease Synonyms approaching, coming, forthcoming, impending, nearing, oncoming, pending, proximate, upcomingRelated Words future; anticipated, awaited, expected, foreseen, predictedNear Antonyms bygone, erstwhile, foregone, former, old, onetime, other, past, quondam, sometime, whilomAntonyms late, recent

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