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  1. 1 having the style and content of everyday conversation <twice a week he churns out a dishy column on the latest tidings from Tinseltown> Synonyms chattery, colloquial, conversational, chatty, gossipy, newsyRelated Words casual, familiar, informal, intimate, tell-all; digressive, discursive, rambling; communicative, expansive, garrulous, talkativeNear Antonyms ceremonious, dignified, elevated, formal, solemn, statelyAntonyms bookish, literary

  2. 2 sexually attractive <cast a dishy redhead in the main role, even though her acting skills seem minimal> Synonyms bodacious, desirable, sexy, hot, luscious, toothsomeRelated Words foxy, nubile; hunky, studly [slang]; alluring, seductive, sultry, vampish, vampy

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skillful, artistic, or intricate

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