Synonyms and Antonyms of confounded

  1. 1 deserving of one's condemnation or displeasure that confounded dog chewed up my shoe Synonyms accursed (or accurst), blasted, damnable, cotton-picking, cursed (also curst), cussed, dang, danged, darn (also durn), darned (also durned), deuced, doggone (or doggoned), freaking, goddamned (or goddamn or goddam), infernalRelated Words atrocious, awful, bum, detestable, execrable, lousy, punk, rotten, terrible, wretched; abominable, odious, vile; contemptible, despicable, miserable, nasty, pitiable, pitiful, scabby, scummy, scurvy, shameful, sorryNear Antonyms commendable, creditable, laudable, praiseworthy; great, marvelous (or marvellous), wonderful

  2. 2 faced with difficulty or uncertainty about what to say, think, or do the sudden burden of familial responsibility has left him anxious and confounded Synonyms baffled, hard put, hard-pressed, nonplussed (also nonplused), perplexedRelated Words bewildered, confused, disconcerted, fazed; embarrassed, flustered, put outNear Antonyms undaunted, unfazed; composed, untroubled

  3. 3 suffering from mental confusion since their house is old and impressive-looking, they are frequently imposed upon by confounded tourists Synonyms addle, addled, addlepated, bedeviled, befogged, befuddled, bemused, bewildered, bushed [chiefly Australian], dizzy, confused, dazed, distracted, dopey (also dopy), fogged, mixed-up, muddleheaded, muzzy, pixilated (also pixillated), punch-drunk, punchy, raddled, shell-shocked, silly, slaphappy, spaced-out (or spaced), spacey (also spacy), stunned, stupefied, zonked, zonked-outRelated Words senseless, unconsciousNear Antonyms alert, consciousAntonyms clearheaded, unconfused

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