The Wild Robot by Peter Brown, Vocabulary List Chapter 9-15

The Wild Robot Vocabulary List

  1. activate | see definition»

    to start working or cause to start working

    She didn't know that she'd been accidentally activated by those curious sea otters.

  2. artificial | see definition»

    made by humans

    Artificial life.

  3. chorus | see definition»

    a sound made by many people or animals at the same time

    Then she turned them off and sat in darkness and listened to the chorus of nighttime chirps.

  4. conserve | see definition»

    to prevent the waste of

    After a while, our robot's computer brain decided it was a good time to conserve energy.

  5. debris | see definition»

    the junk or pieces left from something broken down or destroyed

    Giant mounds of mud and debris had formed below the cliffs.

  6. dense | see definition»

    having its parts crowded together : THICK

    Dense forest and rocky outcrops forced the robot to zig and zag and backtrack.

  7. frantic | see definition»

    feeling or showing a lot of fear and worry

    Roz frantically clawed at the ground, grasping for anything she could hold on to, but the flow only carried her faster.

  8. frenzy | see definition»

    great and often wild or uncontrolled activity

    Each pinecone bounced off its target with annoying accuracy and whipped the young bears into a frenzy.

  9. illuminate | see definition»

    to supply with light : light up

    She activated her headlights and suddenly bright shafts of light were beaming out from her eyes and illuminating the whole mountaintop.

  10. lumber | see definition»

    to move in a slow or awkward way

    But before lumbering home, they glared up at Roz and snorted one last time.

  11. lurk | see definition»

    to be in a hidden place

    She stomped across the hillside and up to the cave, but never stopped to wonder what might be lurking within.

  12. massive | see definition»

    very large, heavy, and solid

    A massive head rammed into her chest.

  13. nonessential | see definition»

    not necessary

    Her nonessential programs switched off, and then, in her own way, the robot slept.

  14. outcrop | see definition»

    the part of a rock formation that appears at the surface of the ground

    Dense forest and rocky outcrops forced the robot to zig and zag and backtrack.

  15. perch | see definition»

    to sit or rest on a raised seat or position

    So she spent the next few days and nights perched on the peak.

  16. plunge | see definition»

    to drop suddenly downward or forward and downward

    And just as she was about to plunge over the side, she came to a hard, sudden stop.

  17. recede | see definition»

    to become smaller or weaker

    Lowland creatures, who had sought refuge on higher ground, were waiting patiently for the water to recede.

  18. refuge | see definition»

    shelter or protection from danger or distress

    Lowland creatures, who had sought refuge on higher ground, were waiting patiently for the water to recede.

  19. sheer | see definition»

    very steep

    In some places the mountain fell away, leaving sheer cliffs.

  20. submerge | see definition»

    to put under or plunge into water

    Others were submerged, their upper branches barely poking above the floodwaters.

  21. survey | see definition»

    to look over : EXAMINE

    Roz looked down and surveyed the island.

  22. teem | see definition»

    to be full of something

    The island was teeming with life.

  23. unison | see definition»

    at the same time

    A flock of sparrows turned in perfect unison above the trees.

  24. whisk | see definition»

    to move suddenly and quickly

    The river of mud whisked her downhill, slamming her into rocks and dragging her through bushes and sweeping her straight toward a cliff!

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