Framed! by James Ponti Chapters 1-4

Framed! Vocabulary List

  1. abduct | see definition»

    to take a person away by force : KIDNAP

    But I think it's okay to lie when you've been abducted.

  2. antagonize | see definition»

    to stir up dislike or anger in

    Survival Step 3 — Do Not Antagonize Your Captor

  3. aroma | see definition»

    a noticeable and pleasant smell

    It's a legendary family recipe that simmers all day and fills the house with the most amazing aroma.

  4. asset | see definition»

    someone or something that provides a benefit

    Technically they classify me as a "covert asset."

  5. bask | see definition»

    to take pleasure or derive enjoyment

    Margaret basked in a moment of glory before she explained.

  6. chaos | see definition»

    complete confusion and disorder

    Margaret and I snaked our way through the unpacked chaos of the front room into the kitchen.

  7. classify | see definition»

    to consider (someone or something) as belonging to a particular group

    Technically they classify me as a "covert asset."

  8. casual | see definition»

    showing or feeling little concern : NONCHALANT

    I figured we'd casually look at some nearby paintings and glance at his chin, but Margaret's approach was more direct.

  9. counter | see definition»

    to say in response to something said

    "I'm pretty sure Ben Franklin was dead about a hundred and fifty years before the Dumpster was invented," I countered.

  10. covert | see definition»

    made or done secretly

    Technically they classify me as a "covert asset."

  11. gleeful | see definition»

    a strong feeling of happiness : great pleasure or satisfaction

    "At last," she gleefully.

  12. inconsistency | see definition»

    something that is not in agreement or not regular

    "My father designs security systems, and one day he explained that the key to his job is finding the tiny flaw or inconsistency that the bad guys can take advantage of."

  13. inevitable | see definition»

    sure to happen

    He reached down and pressed his beefy hands against the sides of my head, and I waited for the inevitable crushing of my skull.

  14. instinct | see definition»

    a way of behaving, thinking, or feeling that is not learned : a natural desire or tendency that makes you want to act in a particular way

    It's more instinct than idea.

  15. lurk | see definition»

    to be in a hidden place

    In pictures mine just looks like I'm scared of some creature lurking behind the camera.

  16. ominous | see definition»

    suggesting that something bad is going to happen in the future

    The "or else" was ominous.

  17. predict | see definition»

    to say that (something) will or might happen in the future

    For example, when we rode the Metro we'd play a game where we'd try to predict who was getting off at which stop based only on what they were carrying.

  18. rapport | see definition»

    a friendly relationship

    Survival Step 1 — Build a Rapport with Your Captor

  19. ruthless | see definition»

    having no pity : CRUEL

    I don't know what ruthless crime lords are supposed to look like, but he looked more businesslike than I expected.

  20. scowl | see definition»

    to look at someone or something in a way that shows anger or disapproval

    The smile turned into a scowl and I was worried that I'd offended him.

  21. swerve | see definition»

    to turn aside suddenly from a straight line or course

    Just then he swerved to avoid another car, blasted his horn, and yelled what I assumed were choice Romanian curse words.

  22. syndicate | see definition»

    a group of people who are involved in organized crime

    One was a red-and-black eel that I recognized as the symbol of the Eastern European League, a crime syndicate known as EEL.

  23. technically | see definition»

    according to a very strict explanation of a rule, fact, etc.

    Technically they classify me as a "covert asset."

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