Bayou Magic by Jewell Parker Rhodes, Vocabulary List Chapters 19-21

Bayou Magic Vocabulary List

  1. bold | see definition»

    willing to meet danger or take risks

    "If Bear won't come to me, I'll go to him," I say, feeling bold, not as shy as I once was.

  2. bulge | see definition»

    to swell, curve outward, or stick out

    Muscles bulge up and down his shoulders and arms.

  3. churn | see definition»

    to stir or shake forcefully

    Screeching, churning, all day, all night.

  4. craggy | see definition»

    having many steep rocks or cliffs

    Bear's pa's face is craggy, sorrowful.

  5. disoriented | see definition»

    having lost one's sense of time, place, or identity

    "Folks get lonely, disoriented."

  6. flourish | see definition»

    to grow well : THRIVE

    Outside is flourishing with damp heat and the color green.

  7. grim | see definition»

    having a very serious appearance or manner

    Face grim, gold tooth sparkling, Jake points.

  8. harvest | see definition»

    to gather or collect for use

    But I've never seen them harvested.

  9. observe | see definition»

    to watch carefully

    Sayings come from observing the world.

  10. lumber | see definition»

    to move in a slow or awkward way

    He keeps lumbering, hands swiping at Bear.

  11. lurch | see definition»

    to move with a sudden swaying, tipping, or jerking motion

    He lurches.

  12. periodically | see definition»

    from time to time : FREQUENTLY

    "Clear!" Bailey and Willie Mae periodically shout.

  13. pivot | see definition»

    to turn on or around a central point

    "Coming about!" Bolden yells, turning the wheel, making the boat pivot and head out to the gulf.

  14. refined | see definition»

    freed from impurities : PURE

    "When it's processed, refined, it becomes oil folks can use."

  15. sheen | see definition»

    a soft, smooth, shiny quality

    The sun makes a sheen across the endless water.

  16. shrill | see definition»

    having a high-pitched usually piercing sound

    "Pa." he says, shrill, shouting.

  17. sensitive | see definition»

    understanding of the feelings of others

    I only know in the bayou, my feelings are stronger. Sensitive.

  18. sigh | see definition»

    to take in and let out a long, loud breath in a way that shows you are bored, disappointed, relieved, etc.

    I sigh, thrilled.

  19. slouch | see definition»

    a way of standing, sitting, or walking with the head and shoulders bent forward

    Shoulders slouched, Bear seems small.

  20. squint | see definition»

    to look or peer with the eyes partly closed

    He squints like the light pains him.

  21. stake | see definition»

    to fasten or support (as plants) with stakes

    All morning, Grandmère's been weeding the garden, staking tomato plants, and picking peas.

  22. tremble | see definition»

    to shake without control (as from fear or cold) : SHIVER

    Bear starts trembling.

  23. wince | see definition»

    to draw back (as from pain)

    He winces. I let go.

  24. wring | see definition»

    to twist or press so as to squeeze out moisture

    Wring it clean.

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