Bayou Magic by Jewell Parker Rhodes, Vocabulary List Chapters 4-6

Bayou Magic Vocabulary List

  1. awestruck | see definition»

    filled with feelings of fear and wonder : filled with awe

    I stop, awestruck.

  2. bewildered | see definition»

    deeply or utterly confused or perplexed

    Bewildered, Bear shakes his head.

  3. clutch | see definition»

    to grasp or hold tightly with or as if with the hands or claws

    I clutch the porch rail.

  4. crevice | see definition»

    a narrow opening or crack in a hard surface and especially in rock

    Deep in a crevice, next to a willow tree, is a small, rough tunnel.

  5. decompose | see definition»

    to break down or be broken down into simpler parts or substances especially by the action of living things (as bacteria and fungi)

    Fallen seeds, leave decomposing, the marsh has become muddier, squishier, blackening my tennis shoes.

  6. dejected | see definition»

    sad because of failure, loss, etc.

    Now it's my turn to feel dejected.

  7. dredge | see definition»

    to dig or gather with or as if with a device dragged along the bottom of a body of water

    "Oil folks dredging canals."

  8. erode | see definition»

    to destroy or be destroyed by wearing away

    "Land erodes, can't hold back Gulf waters."

  9. exasperated | see definition»

    having or showing strong feelings of irritation or annoyance

    I'm exasperated.

  10. expanse | see definition»

    a wide area or stretch

    Then, like exiting a cave, the landscape changes again, brightening, becoming an endless expanse of water.

  11. flattered | see definition»

    made to feel pleased by something gratifying (such as an honor or a sign or respect or deference)

    Ma's always flattered when someone says I act, talk, or look like her.

  12. flustered | see definition»

    upset or nervous

    I'm flustered.

  13. grimace | see definition»

    to twist the face

    Bear grimaces.

  14. lunge | see definition»

    to move or reach forward in a sudden, forceful way

    Lightning-quick, the gator lunges, its jaws opening like a lion's.

  15. maneuver | see definition»

    to move (something or someone) in a careful and usually skillful way

    He maneuvers the airboat to shore.

  16. peer | see definition»

    to look curiously or carefully

    I lean over the side, peering, trying to see a fat-belly fish swing by, but the swamp bottom is too muddy.

  17. recite | see definition»

    to repeat from memory

    "Made a community," I recite.

  18. reluctant | see definition»

    showing doubt or unwillingness

    I'm reluctant to go.

  19. ritual | see definition»

    a ceremony or series of acts that is always performed the same way

    "Rituals are important."

  20. scold | see definition»

    to find fault with or criticize in an angry way

    "They squealed, scolded me," Bear blurts.

  21. stagnant | see definition»

    not flowing

    Bayous are stagnant or slow-moving streams, I remember from science class.

  22. survey | see definition»

    to look over : EXAMINE

    Bear sits cross-legged on the sand, surveying everything he sees.

  23. taut | see definition»

    Very tense

    Lips tight, eyelids lowered, back taut.

  24. woeful | see definition»

    full of grief or misery

    "Hoped you'd be different," he says, woeful.

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