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  1. being of advanced years and especially past middle age the park has walking trails that are suitable for both the young and the unyoung Synonyms aged, aging (or ageing), ancient, geriatric, long-lived, old, older, over-the-hill, senescent, senior, elderlyRelated Words centenarian, nonagenarian, octogenarian, septuagenarian, sexagenarian; oldish; adult, grown-up, mature, middle-aged; pensioned, retired, superannuated; matriarchal, patriarchal, venerable; anile, decrepit, doddering, senile, spavined, tottery; overage (also overaged)Near Antonyms ageless; youngish; adolescent, immature, juvenile, preteen, puerile; minor, underage; callow, green, inexperienced, raw; babyish, childish, childlike, infantile, infantine, kiddishAntonyms young, youthful

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