Synonyms and Antonyms of teary

  1. 1 causing unhappiness <a teary ending to what had been up to that point a lighthearted movie> Synonyms depressing, dismal, drear, dreary, heartbreaking, heartrending, melancholy, mournful, pathetic, saddening, sorry, tearful, sadRelated Words deplorable, distressful, grievous, lamentable, unfortunate, woeful; discomforting, discomposing, disquieting, distressing, disturbing, perturbing; affecting, moving, poignant, touching; discouraging, disheartening, dispiritingNear Antonyms heartening, heartwarming, inspiring, stimulating, stirring, uplifting; agreeable, delightful, enjoyable, pleasant, pleasing, pleasurable, satisfying, welcome; exhilarating, thrillingAntonyms cheering, cheery, glad, happy

  2. 2 given to expressing strong emotion (as sorrow) by readily shedding tears <he's one of those teary drunks who sees fit to bore the other bar patrons with his sad stories> Synonyms lachrymose, tearful, weepyRelated Words demonstrative, effusive, emotional; maudlin, mawkish, sentimental; bawling, blubbering, crying, keening, sniffling, sniveling, sobbing, wailing, weeping, whimpering; misty, misty-eyed, moist; bemoaning, bewailing; doleful, dolorous, grieving, mournful, plaintive; funereal, gloomy, lugubrious; brokenhearted, dejected, depressed, despondent, disconsolate, downcast, downhearted, heartbroken, heartsick, heavyhearted, inconsolable, miserable, sad, sorrowful, woebegone, woeful, wretchedNear Antonyms beaming, chuckling, giggling, grinning, laughing, smiling; blithe, blithesome, cheerful, cheery, gay, happy, jocose, jovial, lighthearted, lightsome, merry, mirthful, sunny

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