Synonyms and Antonyms of solicitude

  1. 1 an uneasy state of mind usually over the possibility of an anticipated misfortune or trouble a growing solicitude over the possible results of the criminal investigation Synonyms of solicitude agita, agitation, anxiousness, apprehension, apprehensiveness, care, concern, concernment, disquiet, disquietude, fear, nervosity, nervousness, perturbation, anxiety, sweat, unease, uneasiness, worryWords Related to solicitude strain, stress, tension; alarm (also alarum), anguish, consternation, desperateness, desperation, discomfort, discomposure, dismay, distraction, distress, disturbance, edginess, franticness, hand-wringing, jitters, jumpiness, panic, tremor; angst, fearfulness, torment, upset, vexation; cold feet, doubt, dread, foreboding, incertitude, misgiving, presentiment, suspense, uncertainty; compunction, qualm, scrupleNear Antonyms of solicitude calm, calmness, content, contentment, ease, easiness, peace, peacefulness, placidity, placidness, quiet, quietude, sereneness, serenity, tranquillity (or tranquility), tranquilness; comfort, consolation, relief, solaceAntonyms of solicitude unconcern

  2. 2 attention accompanied by protectiveness and responsibility she shows much more solicitude toward her aging parents than any of her siblings do Synonyms of solicitude carefulness, lovingness, solicitousness, careWords Related to solicitude concern, considerateness, consideration, kindness, thoughtfulness; babying, coddling, pamperingNear Antonyms of solicitude inconsiderateness, inconsideration, thoughtlessness, unconcern, unkindnessAntonyms of solicitude carelessness

Synonym Discussion of solicitude

care, concern, solicitude, anxiety, worry mean a troubled or engrossed state of mind or the thing that causes this. care implies oppression of the mind weighed down by responsibility or disquieted by apprehension.
    • a face worn by years of care
concern implies a troubled state of mind because of personal interest, relation, or affection.
    • crimes caused concern in the neighborhood
solicitude implies great concern and connotes either thoughtful or hovering attentiveness toward another.
    • acted with typical maternal solicitude
anxiety stresses anguished uncertainty or fear of misfortune or failure.
    • plagued by anxiety and self-doubt
worry suggests fretting over matters that may or may not be real cause for anxiety.
    • financial worries

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of very fine texture or delicate form

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