scratch out


Synonyms and Antonyms of scratch out

  1. 1 to compose and set down on paper the words of scratched out a poem for his beloved wife on the home front Synonyms author, pen, write (out), scribbleRelated Words cast, compose, craft, draft, draw up, formulate, frame, prepare; recast, redraft, revise, rewrite; letter, print, type, typewrite; record, take down, transcribe; autograph, pencil (in), register, sign; couch, express, phrase, put, word

  2. 2 to show (something written) to be no longer valid by drawing a cross over or a line through it scratched out the old phone number and wrote in the new one Synonyms blue-pencil, cancel, cross (out), dele, delete, edit (out), elide, kill, x (out), strike (out), stroke (out)Related Words blot out, efface, eradicate, erase, expunge, obliterate, root (out), rub out, wipe out; bleep, blip, clip, cut, excise, remove; bowdlerize, censor, clean (up), expurgate, launder, redact, red-pencil; abbreviate, crop, shorten; black out, repress, silence, suppressNear Antonyms stet

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