Synonyms and Antonyms of perceptivity

  1. 1 the ability to understand inner qualities or relationships with great perceptivity the author sees that the controversy embroiling the town is really about class and cultural differences Synonyms discernment, insight, perception, perceptiveness, wisdom, sagaciousness, sagacity, sageness, sapienceRelated Words acuity, acumen, astuteness, clear-sightedness, keenness, penetration, percipience, perspicacity, sensitivity, understanding; appreciation, apprehension, comprehension, grasp; brain(s), braininess, brightness, brilliance, canniness, cleverness, gray matter, intellect, intelligence, judgment (or judgement), mentality, power, reason, sense, smartness, wit; discrimination, foresight, foresightedness, judiciousness, prudence, sanity; logic, rationalityNear Antonyms density, dullness (also dulness), obtuseness; brainlessness, folly, foolishness, idiocy, imbecility, mindlessness, silliness, simplemindedness, simpleness, stupidity, witlessness; illogic, irrationality, unreasonableness, unsoundness; craziness, insanity, lunacy, madness; preposterousness, senselessness, silliness, zaniness

  2. 2 the state or quality of being able to sense slight impressions or differences the perceptivity of that epicure's palate is legendary in food and wine circles Synonyms acuteness, delicacy, keenness, perceptiveness, acuity, sensitiveness, sensitivity, sharpnessRelated Words hyperacuity, hypersensitiveness, hypersensitivity, oversensitiveness, oversensitivity, supersensitivity; accuracy, exactitude, exactness, fineness

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