Synonyms and Antonyms of orate

  1. 1 to talk as if giving an important and formal speech given the opportunity, many politicians will orate at considerable length on just about any subject Synonyms declaim, discourse, harangue, mouth (off), perorate Related Words rant, rave; bloviate, blow; lecture, preach, sermonize; advertise, announce, broadcast, declare, proclaim, pronounce; speak, speechify, talk

  2. 2 to give a formal often extended talk on a subject the respected anthropologist is expected to orate about her latest research findings before a packed auditorium Synonyms declaim, descant, discourse, expatiate, harangue, lecture, talk, speakRelated Words recite, soliloquize; dissert, expound, pontificate, sermonize; mouth, spout; filibuster

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