Synonyms and Antonyms of oral

  1. 1 expressed or communicated by voice a baby's crying is usually interpreted as an oral expression of distress Synonyms vocal, spoken, uttered, voicedRelated Words articulated, enunciated, pronounced, sonant; breathed, chirped, drawled, gasped, intoned, mouthed, mumbled, murmured, muttered, purred, shouted, spluttered, sputtered, squeaked, whisperedNear Antonyms inarticulate; mute, quiet, silent; unexpressed, unsaid, unspoken, unuttered, unvoiced; surd, voicelessAntonyms nonvocal

  2. 2 made or carried on through speaking rather than in writing lawyers for the plaintiff will be presenting oral arguments before the Supreme Court next week Synonyms nuncupative, verbal, spoken, unwritten, viva voce, word-of-mouthRelated Words consensual, implicit, informal; articulated, verbalized; given, pronounced, said, sounded, stated, told, voicedNear Antonyms explicit, formalAntonyms paper, written

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